Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Copper Bay has sustainable development as a core objective.  We will operate our projects and production locations in line with leading standards of health, safety and environmental management and engage with our stakeholders in a fair, open, informed and transparent manner.  We will operate in full compliance with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we are located, and work towards compliance with best practice international standards. We will regularly review and report on progress and ensure that this Policy remains relevant to the needs of our stakeholders. We will also conduct regular audits of our operations to ensure compliance with these principles, policies and standards.


Assisting the social and economic development of communities associated with our operations.  We will achieve this by:

  • Identifying stakeholders and other people affected by the project
  • Respecting local cultures and community rights, and aiming to preserve, or develop these, where possible, through our operations
  • Engaging regularly with identified stakeholders throughout the life of our project, to build trust and to foster proactive community engagement
  • Liaising with national and local state authorities, community leaders, Non-Governmental Organisations and any other interested parties to benefit local communities
  • Minimising adverse effects on local communities
  • Setting aside funds for social development initiatives to benefit communities associated with our project
  • Developing a social management system and mechanism through which community issues can be raised and addressed.

Human Resources

Providing a safe workplace in accordance with Chilean labour laws, by:

  • Not tolerating any discrimination, harassment or physical assault in the workplace
  • Basing employment on the principle of equal opportunity, fair treatment, and no discrimination
  • Providing a grievance mechanism for internal and external use
  • Supporting equal opportunities through our operations
  • Treating all employees and contractors fairly
  • Selecting employees for employment based on their qualifications, experience and past performance in a transparent manner.
  • Operating a strict zero drug and alcohol policy in the workplace;
  • Providing appropriate employee training, and opportunities for continuing development;
  • Not employing forced or child labour and will use commercially reasonable means to ensure its contractors and suppliers address these issues
  • Allowing employees freedom of association to join legal and non-prohibited organisations of their own choosing;
  • Ensuring that working conditions and terms of employment are clearly documented and communicated to all employees.
  • Fostering technical links with local educational centres and where possible offer practical development training at our operations for local students.

Health and Safety

Aiming to provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, contractors, consultants and visitors by committing to:

  • Identifying the potential for accidents / incidents and conducting investigations to identify root causes and take remedial action to prevent loss;
  • Identifying, assessing and eliminating, as far as commercially reasonable, potential risks associated with our operation to employees, contractors, the environment and communities;
  • Providing leadership and appropriate health and safety induction and training, and ensuring that all employees, contractors and partners receive ongoing training and understand our health and safety requirements;
  • Ensuring the health and safety of communities affected by our operations;
  • Preparing for, and responding quickly to, any incidents or emergencies and improving and upgrading our health and safety management system in response to such incidents to prevent recurrences;
  • Regularly set and review objectives and targets for improved Health and Safety performance;
  • Complying with applicable and relevant legal and regulatory requirements, whilst seeking to achieve standards of international best practice;
  • Developing our employees in all areas giving them the knowledge and skills to enable them to perform their jobs in a safe manner;
  • Developing effective Occupational and Community Health and Safety policies, procedures and guidelines.


Minimising the impact to the natural environment within which the company operates. To achieve this Company will:

  • Operate as responsible stewards in compliance with local legislative requirements and strive to achieve international standards of best practice;
  • Eliminate, negate, mitigate or remediate the environmental impacts of our activities in accordance with local legislative requirements;
  • Improve efficiency in the use of raw materials, energy and natural resources;
  • Identify, monitor and minimize emissions;
  • Ensure any discharges to the natural environment attain the relevant environmental standards;
  • Minimise impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems;
  • Maximise operational efficiency and enhance waste management through the promotion of recycling and reuse;
  • Ensure diligence in responding to environmental incidents;
  • Develop and maintain an Emergency Response Plan for the protection of our operating environment and the prevention of pollution;
  • Decommission, reclaim and rehabilitate our sites in a timely manner in line with local legislative requirements;
  • Provide environmental awareness training for all employees and contractors so that they can conduct their tasks and duties with a full comprehension of the environmental issues on site;
  • Regularly set and review objectives and targets for improved environmental performance;
  • Operate a formal Environment Management System. 

Application and Accountability

The above policy applies to Copper Bay and its subsidiary entities.  The Chief Executive of Copper Bay has overall responsibility for the implementation and enforcement of this policy.

Senior management of Copper Bay and its Chilean subsidiary entities are also accountable for the implementation of and adherence to the policy.

All employees and contractors are responsible for conducting their work in conformance with the above policy.